Facility / Property Management

Clarion Realty is an active and well-established support-service provider of the various avenues in the Realty Industry; we render top-notch property and facility management services by adopting the most suitable and standard modules in achieving our management goal. We are well equipped with world class technical know-how of running the daily upkeep and ensuring efficient functioning of your properties and facilities.

  • Evaluation:

    With the help our abled team, we thoroughly assess the quality; both interior and exterior, and value of your properties to attain sound rental Rates

  • Marketing:

    We apply strategic Marketing principles to attract prospective clients for the purpose of purchasing /renting your properties.

  • Tenant Screening:

    Diligently engaging prospective clients/tenants is our hallmark. We conduct thorough background checks to verify identity, income records and Rent history. We assess our clients/ tenants on merits of predefined criteria to come up with the best.

  • Inspections:

    With the help of specially acquired techniques, our team conducts the Inspection of properties by a pre-defined schedule to ascertain repair needs and ensure safety measures are being adhered, likewise to ensure codes are not being violate.

  • Tenants Move In / Out:

    We ensure that tenants (renter/leasee) agree to adhere strictly to regulations guiding the property by signing undertakings right before they move in through till they evacuate the property.

  • Financial:

    We provide you with accounting services for all transactions and deliver detailed annual reports. We also advise on relevant tax deductions related to the property.

  • Legal:

    We offer Advise on arising legal issues pertaining to the property and make client referrals to reputable attorneys when the need arises.


Maintenance of properties is one of our Key specialities. Our In-House maintenance crew, together with our carefully selected network of licensed contractors, with the help of the directives from standard Preventive Maintenance Policies, play their role in achieving our systematic maintenance goals.

  • Outdoor Services

  • Painting

  • Leave removal

  • Landscaping

  • Clearing of Trash and Debris

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